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General Dentistry Doctor Rizvi

Dentistry for the modern world

Dentistry has come a long way in recent years, and with advances in modern techniques and technology, we are now able to provide longer lasting, more natural looking dental solutions in less time. Achieving optimum oral health is now more convenient than ever!


At My Dentist for Life, we believe that prevention is the best medicine. A few preventive measures today can save you from a mess of dental and health complications down the road. That’s why it is our mission to educate our patients about the importance of good oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and regular visits to Dr. Rizvi and our excellent hygiene team.

Oral Hygiene

Maintaining a strict oral hygiene routine is one of the best things you can do for your oral health. Sugar and food particles that are allowed to remain on teeth quickly turn into the acid that breaks down tooth enamel and causes cavities, decay, and gum disease. That’s why brushing your teeth for two minutes at least twice per day – once after breakfast, and once before bed – is so important. Brushing after each meal is ideal, but we realize this isn’t always an option. In this case, rinsing with water will help. Daily flossing is also very important to remove those pesky particles that get trapped between teeth that brushing alone cannot remove.

While keeping up on your oral hygiene at home is important, so is coming in to see Dr. Rizvi at My Dentist for Life for regular cleanings and exams. We have certain tools and expertise here at the office that you simply cannot get at home by yourself. Our hygiene team is gentle yet thorough, and is known for providing some of the best dental cleanings in Fort Lauderdale. We also have advanced technology to get an up close and personal look at your mouth, and note any changes in order to better detect and prevent disease. Visit our Oral Hygiene page for more information.

Children’s Dentistry

At My Dentist for Life, we believe the best way to ensure a lifetime of optimum oral health is to establish healthy habits at an early age. That’s why we love providing Fort Lauderdale families with dental solutions and patient education for a lifetime of oral health and wellness. We love treating kids not only for the silly things that come out of their mouths sometimes, but we are more interested in what’s going on inside their mouths. Dr. Rizvi and our team are extremely gentle to ensure their first dental experiences are anything but scary, and we make sure to emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene habits for a healthy smile for life.


If you have any questions about any of the general dentistry services we offer, or would like to schedule an appointment with your Fort Lauderdale dentist, Dr. Rizvi, please contact My Dentist for Life at our Plantation office at 954-532-8517. We look forward to meeting you and working together to achieve your oral health goals!