Tooth Colored Fillings

Fillings for the modern world

At My Dentist for Life, we make our investment in the latest materials, treatments, and technology a top priority. Our Fort Lauderdale patients deserve only the best dental solutions available. That’s why we are proud to offer tooth colored fillings as a discreet way to fill cavities and help prevent tooth decay.

Cavities 101

Before we dive into the benefits of tooth colored fillings, it’s important that you understand tooth decay and how cavities form in the first place. Tooth decay, cavities, or dental caries is one of the most common chronic diseases in America – and it’s entirely preventable!

It’s nearly impossible to find an American adult who has not had a cavity at some point in their life. Cavities are much more common in children, as they do not yet possess the knowledge, skill, or dexterity to properly care for their teeth. That’s why it’s important to instill good brushing and flossing habits from an early age for a lifetime of oral health.

The first step in cavity formation is in your diet. Foods and beverages containing a lot of sugar, or that are very acidic are the biggest culprits. Sugar that is allowed to remain on teeth quickly turns into acid that breaks down tooth enamel and causes decay and cavities. Oral hygiene is key! Brushing for at least two minutes at least twice per day (preferably after each meal), and flossing regularly is your best defense against dental caries.

No more metal mouth

In the case that we do find a cavity, don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world, as long as we get it filled as quickly as possible. Thankfully, with advances in modern dentistry, at My Dentist for Life we are able to provide our patients with durable, long lasting fillings without the glaring reminder of metal every time you open your mouth. A strong and safe tooth colored resin blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth – no one will need to know you’ve had a filling!

If you have any questions about cavities, tooth colored fillings, or would like to schedule an appointment with your Fort Lauderdale dentist, Dr. Rizvi, please contact My Dentist for Life at our Plantation dental office today at 954-532-8517. We look forward to working together with you toward achieving your oral health goals.