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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness at My Dentist For Life

At My Dentist For Life, we understand the importance of health and wellness. We strive to provide our patients with the best possible care to ensure they live their happiest, healthiest lives. We proudly offer a wide range of services promoting physical and mental well-being.


Digital Smile Design

Our team is skilled in Digital Smile Design, a modern approach to cosmetic dentistry that offers natural-looking results. Digital Smile Design utilizes digital imaging and 3D printing technology to create an individualized plan for your dental care needs. This process allows us to create restorations that look natural and feel comfortable for each patient.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is an innovative treatment option used at My Dentist For Life. Ozone therapy utilizes ozone gas, naturally occurring in nature as a form of oxygen with three atoms instead of two. This treatment is considered safe and effective when treating various oral conditions such as periodontitis, cavities, and canker sores.

Laser Treatment (1)

Laser Treatment

Our team also offers laser therapy treatments for various dental issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, crown lengthening, and recontouring gum tissue around implants or crowns. Laser treatments use focused light energy to remove bacteria from the mouth and reshape gums to reduce any visible signs of gum disease on your teeth or gums. The benefits include:

  • Minimal pain during the procedure.
  • Faster healing time afterward.
  • Improved oral health outcomes.
  • Reduced risk for other oral health problems.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a severe sleep disorder affecting millions worldwide today. Left untreated, it can lead to long-term severe healthcare complications, including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. At My Dentist For Life, we are proud to offer special services for sleep apnea, including CPAP titration study (split night), CPAP titration study (whole night), oral appliance therapy management program (for snoring & mild sleep apnea), jaw surgery consultation (for severe sleep apnea). This ensures that our patients get the best possible care regarding managing this dangerous disorder.


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Christian Pareja
Christian Pareja
Had a cleaning this morning with Giselle. She is a great, and I think our Spanglish works well to communicate with each other. Haha. I had a wonderful experience, and I also thought, my kid will like their cleaning here because of My Dentist for Life’s new tool. Great technology, no pain and quick!
Dec 20, 2022
Paula Benavides
Paula Benavides
BEST DENTIST I HAVE BEEN TOO. FRom the beginning, the staff and so welcoming. Giselle and Karen were Amazing! So kind and attentive. They communicated with me throughout every step and process. The doctor was amazing as well, she took her time to explain all my options and the process of things and how to prevent in the future. Will be coming back and recommending for sure!! 😊😊😊
Nov 15, 2022
Rashonda Stickney
Rashonda Stickney
SUCH A WONDERFUL FANTASTIC GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS!! They are the best. They always smiling and they happy and they are so kind and gentle. Keisha is wonderful she is so sweet and she keeps a smile on her face. The assistant are so sweet and loving. I always want to go back just to laugh with them. The Best Dental Office Ever !!!!!!!!
Dec 29, 2022
Julian Virgo
Julian Virgo
I’ve been using Dentist For Life for 3 years now and they have been great! Recently, I had my teeth cleaned by Karen and she was wonderful! Extremely friendly and did a great job with my teeth! She was extremely gentle. Would definitely recommend!
Dec 29, 2022
arie adams
arie adams
I just had my six month cleaning with Karen, and she is amazing! I love this office and how its ran by women as well. I feel safe and cared for here! Been coming for a year and never had a bad experience!
Nov 02, 2022

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