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Ozone Dentistry With Ozone Therapy In Plantation, Fl

Ozone dentistry is a relatively new yet increasingly popular form of dental care that has the potential to revolutionize how we think about oral health. Ozone therapy is a holistic treatment option for oral hygiene, which utilizes the power of ozone gas to treat and prevent dental diseases. At My Dentist For Life, we are proud to offer our patients this innovative, safe, and effective form of dental care.


How Does Ozone Dental Therapy Work?

Ozone therapy works by introducing concentrated ozone gas into the oral cavity. This ozone is then quickly absorbed into the tissues and cells of the mouth. The oxygen contained in the ozone molecule reacts with bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms in mouth contact, destroying them on contact. This combination of positive effects helps to improve gum health and reduce inflammation in surrounding tissue. In addition, it also helps to stimulate increased circulation in the area and enhance cell oxygenation.

Benefits Of Getting Ozone Therapy From My Dentist For Life

The benefits of undergoing ozone therapy from My Dentist For Life are numerous:

  • It is a safe, pain-free option to treat oral health issues without fear or discomfort.
  • It offers many restorative benefits due to its ability to help repair damaged tooth enamel and reduce teeth sensitivity. It also helps promote healthy gums by decreasing inflammation in surrounding gingival tissue while lowering bacteria levels within plaque buildup between teeth and along gum lines.
  • Ozone therapy can help reduce levels of bad breath caused by bacteria that build up over time due to poor oral hygiene.

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Jen Nguyen
Jen Nguyen
What a wonderful group of professionals! The office is fully equipped with advance technology. The entire staff are professional, efficient, personable, very kind and friendly. It made me felt comfortable and at ease. Everyone is very warm and welcoming. Karen is super kind and caring, explaining during the the cleaning process - super gentle and pain free. . Dr. Rizvi is really friendly. She took her time to exam, review and explaining in detail when going through 3D with me and just in time a treatment list in detail along with what insurance covers/not cover. They orchestrate the procedure really well - making the visit an extra outstanding and special. Excellent team of doctor and staff. I just recommended my family member for their upcoming visit.
Aug 30, 2022
Lynn Sultan
Lynn Sultan
Wonderful group of professionals! The entire staff are professional, efficient, personable, and friendly. I felt more comfortable than I ever have at a dentist’s office. Everyone is very warm and welcoming. Lisandra and Karen made me feel at ease as they examined and cleaned my teeth. They did such a thorough and amazing job cleaning my teeth and taking care of my gums during each visit. I’m 9 months pregnant and the doctor and staff did an outstanding job making each cleaning and procedure as pain and stress free as possible. They were extremely knowledgeable on what they could or couldn’t do as well. The office manager Roxie made sure to explain in detail what our insurance covered (after finding out my husbands insurance didn’t cover the first cleaning, she still graciously waived the fee). Roxie was very informative when explaining the breakdown of costs of each visit, and other options that we could consider when coordinating our treatments to meet our financial and medical needs. Looking forward to my next visit.
Aug 02, 2022
Christian Pareja
Christian Pareja
Had a cleaning this morning with Giselle. She is a great, and I think our Spanglish works well to communicate with each other. Haha. I had a wonderful experience, and I also thought, my kid will like their cleaning here because of My Dentist for Life’s new tool. Great technology, no pain and quick!
Dec 20, 2022
Paula Benavides
Paula Benavides
BEST DENTIST I HAVE BEEN TOO. FRom the beginning, the staff and so welcoming. Giselle and Karen were Amazing! So kind and attentive. They communicated with me throughout every step and process. The doctor was amazing as well, she took her time to explain all my options and the process of things and how to prevent in the future. Will be coming back and recommending for sure!! 😊😊😊
Nov 15, 2022
Rashonda Stickney
Rashonda Stickney
SUCH A WONDERFUL FANTASTIC GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS!! They are the best. They always smiling and they happy and they are so kind and gentle. Keisha is wonderful she is so sweet and she keeps a smile on her face. The assistant are so sweet and loving. I always want to go back just to laugh with them. The Best Dental Office Ever !!!!!!!!
Dec 29, 2022

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