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Pain Free Sedation Dentistry In Plantation

Many find it a challenge to pay a visit to the dentist. Additionally, there are also many people with intentions to postpone dental procedures just because they can’t get hold of their anxiety. But in today’s time, there are many ways where you can get your treatment done without feeling the pain. We would recommend you to stop worrying and pay a visit to the dentist before time runs out. It is seen that prolonged negligence to dental ailments can lead to further complex issues that can not only make you to invest more time and money but can also become painful.

That is why we have introduced the DentalVibe - The Revolutionary Painless Oral Injection System to our sedation. This device applies a mild vibration to the tissues around the site of injection which keeps you away from the pain. So, if you have been wondering to schedule an appointment with a dentist, call us and we will make sure that you get your treatment done in the most convenient way possible.

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An estimated 1/3 of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to dental fear or anxiety. DentalVibe can help.

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94% of patients studied found that injections with the DentalVibe were less painful than injections without the use of vibration.

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95% of patients who have experienced the DentalVibe say that it has changed how they view going to the dentist.

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If you are eager to learn more about Sedation Dentistry with DentalVibe, feel free to visit our dental office or call us. We are eager to meet you in person.

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