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Best All-on-4 Implants In Plantation, FL

Consider All-on-4 dental implants if there is a need for replacing multiple teeth. As this treatment option requires fewer implants in the jaw than conventional techniques, all-on-4 implants are less expensive than a complete set of dental implants. Here at My Dentist For Life, we offer top-quality All-on-4 Implants treatment in Plantation, FL, at an affordable price. Every effort is put in to understand the requirement of the patient first. We are fortunate to have the best Plantation dentist – Dr. Saba Rizvi, who then handcrafts a treatment plan that suits the patient’s condition the best.


  • The All-on-4 approach only requires four implants per jaw, as opposed to the 8–10 implants needed by conventional procedures for a full mouth of implants. Five or six implants may occasionally be required on the upper jaw due to reduced bone density.
  • The back implants are put at a 30-45 degree angle rather than vertically. Due to this approach, less bone augmentation is required, and patients who have experienced bone loss should still be eligible for All-on-4 without having to undergo the time- and money-consuming bone transplant procedure.
  • The recuperation period for All-on-4 dental implants is unnecessary for you to receive your new teeth. They have the nickname “teeth in a day,” “smiling in a day,” or “same day teeth” based on this particular characteristic. This is a significant advancement over conventional implant procedures, which can take up to six months to complete and involve lengthy recovery periods after each stage.

Know The Benefits Of Getting All-on-4-Implants In Plantation

Compared to traditional implants and dentures, all-on-4 dental implants have several benefits. They are:

  • The treatment process does not need a long span for completion
  • The time required for healing is very short
  • A comfortable and sturdy framework to hold crowns and bridges
  • The implants are fixed in place and do not require removal for cleaning purposes
  • As they are set in place, there are no chances of slipping or falling out
  • Patients with low jaw bone mass density can also undergo this treatment option
  • Less expensive than conventional methods that require 8–10 implants

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