All You Need To Know About Orthodontics

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By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

There’s a lot you don’t know about braces if you’re just getting started with orthodontics treatment. It can be daunting at times, and there are many false rumors floating around. Orthodontists and braces are not as frightening as some people believe. We’ve compiled a list of the six most crucial things to know about orthodontics to dispel any myths and provide helpful knowledge.

These Treatments Are Actually Pretty Much Affordable

A frequent misperception is that braces are prohibitively expensive; yet, with payment plans, insurance, and complimentary initial exams, this is far from the actual case. Treatment prices vary depending on the type of treatment.

Your orthodontist will do everything possible to help you achieve the smile you’ve always desired. Braces can be expensive on their own, but if you save up enough money and use insurance and payment plan features like 0% interest, the expense should not stop you from choosing the best orthodontic option for yourself.

More Than Just Teeth Straightening Options

While many people visit an orthodontist to have their teeth straightened, there are numerous other advantages to wearing braces. Orthodontic treatment often includes jaw positioning correction. Correcting crooked teeth and spacing issues is critical, but jaw alignment is as vital because it impacts your bite and can cause pain if left untreated.

Overbites and underbites are two more biting problems known as malocclusions. Fixing these issues improves how you chew food items and talk and prevents uneven tooth wear.

You Are Not Going To Face A Lot of Pain

Many people are afraid of orthodontists because they do not want their teeth to pain all of the time. However, the orthodontists and their staff are there to assist and support you at all times. The pressure the brackets and wires impose on your teeth will cause some discomfort when you initially get your braces on, but the pain will go away after a few days.

You may have some soreness following each correction made by your orthodontist, but this is not permanent. Having them removed at the end is also beneficial. Braces are supposed to benefit you, not damage you.

Using A Retainer After Braces Is Important

Your teeth shift over time and will begin moving immediately once your braces are removed. As a result, after your braces are removed, you will need to wear your retainer for at least a year. Your orthodontist will tell you how long and when you should wear your retainer, but it’s critical that you follow his or her instructions to avoid undoing all of the work your braces accomplished to straighten your teeth.

Be Careful While Choosing The Dentist

Contrary to popular assumptions, an orthodontist does not usually require a reference from a dentist. Choose the best orthodontist for you or your child if you think you or your child needs braces. Take into account the following factors:

  • Are they orthodontic specialists?
  • Do they have a good track record?
  • Are you at ease with them, and do their employees make you feel comfortable?
  • Do they offer a variety of payment options and discounts?

Since your orthodontist will have a plan in place that could be disturbed if you switch to a different doctor, you should be determined to stay with the same orthodontist for the duration of your treatment.

Early Orthodontics Can Do Wonders

Although it may seem premature to have your child see an orthodontist at an early age, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your child consult an orthodontist at the age of seven.

Your child may still have baby teeth, but evaluating his/her dental health at an early age lays a solid foundation for any future treatment. Your orthodontist can begin preparing how to best care for your child and provide the most satisfactory orthodontic outcome possible.

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