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Deep Periodontal Cleaning In Plantation, FL

Typically, the initial treatment for periodontal disease involves a comprehensive cleaning procedure known as scaling or root planing. These non-surgical methods are designed to eliminate the factors responsible for gum inflammation and disease, such as dental plaque and tartar. Scaling and root planing can be utilized as a standalone treatment or as a preventive measure. They are commonly employed in cases of gingivitis and moderate-to-severe periodontal disease.

What is involved in scaling and root planing?

After conducting a comprehensive examination of the mouth, including x-rays and visual inspection, Dr. Rizvi may suggest scaling and root planning. The recommendation will be based on factors such as the condition of the gums, the amount of tartar, the depth of the pockets, and the progression of periodontitis. In certain instances, a local anesthesia might be administered during the procedure.

Scaling: Once scaling is completed, calculus and plaque adhered to the teeth are effectively removed. This procedure targets the region beneath the gum line and along the root. Scaling is performed using a specialized dental tool called an ultrasonic scaling tool, which may also include an irrigation process to deliver an antimicrobial agent below the gums. This helps in reducing oral bacteria.

Root Planing: Root planing is a dental procedure that aims to remove harmful microorganisms, toxins, and tartar that are deeply embedded in the cementum and surface dentin. This process involves smoothing the tooth's root, which promotes healing and prevents future bacterial colonization.

Antibiotics or anti-microbial irrigation may be suggested to control the growth of bacteria that cause periodontitis. Dr. Rizvi may also insert antibiotic fibers in the periodontal pockets after scaling and planing to manage infection and promote healing. In cases where deep pockets exist, it becomes challenging for Dr. Rizvi to completely eliminate plaque and tartar. Patients typically struggle to keep these pockets clean. As a result, surgery may be necessary to restore periodontal health.

Advantages of Scaling & Root Planing

If treatment is effective, scaling and root planing can provide numerous periodontal advantages. One such benefit is its ability to prevent diseases. Studies have demonstrated that bacteria originating from periodontal infections can circulate through the bloodstream and impact other parts of the body, potentially leading to heart and respiratory diseases. By undergoing scaling and root planing, the bacteria responsible for these conditions are eliminated.
Treatment also helps to prevent tooth loss by protecting teeth against the risk of periodontal disease. When gum pockets become deeper than 3mm, the chances of developing periodontal disease increase. As the pockets deepen, more bacteria can accumulate, leading to a chronic inflammatory response in the body that damages the gums and bone tissue. Ultimately, this can result in tooth loss.
In conclusion, scaling and root planing can enhance the appearance of the mouth and alleviate bad breath caused by food particles and bacteria. Additionally, this procedure effectively eliminates superficial teeth stains, providing an added benefit.

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