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Avail the Dental Saving Plan at My Dentist for Life

October 26, 2020

Taking care of your oral health is a must if you want to maintain the overall well-being of your physical health. Now this can be only achieved by incorporating certain preventive measures at home and also visiting a reliable dental clinic on a regular basis. It has been seen that most people avoid getting dental issues resolved under expert guidance due to the money to be spent in order to do so. We do realize that expenditure of getting dental work done can be a lot for many but applying certain smart moves can help you surpass such hurdles without facing any discomfort.Get benefits of Dental Saving Plan.

You must have often come across people advising to get dental insurances which will cover a major portion of the cost of dental treatments. But have you ever thought about the amount of money you are paying for these insurance on an yearly basis? Well, if you are tired of spending so much then availing the dental saving plan at My Dentist for Life, West Sunrise Blvd.

Plantation, FL. There are several reasons why you should see a dentist on a regular basis, so get the plan and embark on the journey of getting a better smile.

Why to choose the Dental Saving Plan over Insurance?

Going through the pointer below will leave you will with no more confusion about the particular decision.

  • The first reason is the amount of money to be invested. All you need to spend to get the dental saving plan at My Dentist for Life is $399 per annum for patients aged 18 years or more and $299 per annum for patients below 18 years. On the other hand you will have to spend somewhere around $600 per annum for dental insurance. Which one sounds profitable to you? Be wise and make the choice.
  • Though the dental saving plan expires after a span of 1 year, you will be awarded a 10% discount on your plan for agreeing to auto-renew at the time of enrollment. It is to be noted that the plan cost and member discounts are based on the changes at each renewal.
  • You will be happy to know that every check-up you avail at My Dentist for Life is covered under dental saving plan. This also includes the X-Rays.
  • Most of the dental insurances don’t cover the money to be spent for cosmetic dentistry procedures. This is not the case with the dental saving plan. You will be able to enjoy a discount of 15% on all the cosmetic procedures as well.

What does the Dental Saving Plan offer?

If you are confused about what the dental saving plan has to offer then just give the pointers below a diligent read.

  • 2-Routine Cleanings per year
  • 15% off all in-office procedures
  • Doctor’s exam (D0l50) ond all x-rays
  • 2-Fluoride treatments
  • $l00 off KOR Whitening
  • $500 off Clear Correct or Invisalign

Without any further adieu, get in touch with the professionals at the My Dentist for Life in West Sunrise Blvd. Plantation, FL and avail the dental saving plan today. You can also choose to check out the different dental treatments offered by us. Take care of your oral health, rise and shine. Thank you,

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