Do Braces Change Your Face Shape?

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By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

Most people who suffer from issues of crooked or misaligned teeth prefer to go for braces to achieve a straighter smile. Additionally, these orthodontic options can also have a positive impact on your oral health. We receive several questions regarding how braces affect the teeth and whether they have the capability to alter your face shape. Our dentists at My Dentist For Life have decided to address all your queries and doubts once and for all.

Do braces change your face shape?

The answer is yes. Orthodontic procedures have the ability to change your face. However, the improvements are only positive and have the potential to boost your oral health as well. All your balance and bite problems will be corrected once your Plantation dentist provides you with braces. Your face will appear more symmetrical and your mouth and jaws will look more natural.

How Can Braces Change Your Face Shape?

There are three major orthodontic issues that braces can correct. When these are corrected, dramatic changes take place on your facial muscles that can completely enhance your facial structure.


An underbite occurs when the bottom teeth are positioned in front of the top teeth. This causes the lower jaw to protrude. In this case, the difference between your face before and after braces can be quite noticeable. Once the imbalance is corrected, your lower jaw appears to be more in symmetry with the rest of your face. Your features will look softer and natural.


This is another orthodontic problem that can be addressed when your Plantation dentist provides you with braces. They can considerably improve the shape of your jawline. When the top teeth protrude too far ahead of the bottom teeth, it leads to the appearance of sunken cheeks and a frail chin. After using braces, a more symmetrical facial structure, and a stronger chin and jawline can be developed by assisting the arches to come together correctly and aligning the bite.

Open Bite

When you have an open bite, your lips and mouth appear to be extended. It’s a noticeable issue because the upper lip can jut out and, in severe cases, the mouth may not even close normally. Braces from your Plantation dentist can treat the issue with ease. The teeth will be pulled together into a more vertically aligned position, thereby correcting your issue of bucked teeth. This will not only improve your smile and functionality but also help you to close your mouth properly.

Other Variants Of Malocclusion

Other types of malocclusion such as crossbite or crooked teeth can have a negative impact on your physical appearance as well. Your braces can help you to align your teeth properly, helping you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile that can be symmetrical with the rest of your facial features.

Factors That Affect These Changes

There are other factors that affect the way your braces can alter the shape of your face. The extent and degree of change usually depend on your age and your oral health condition. It is best to consult your dentist on Plantation before getting braces. 

Children & Young Adults

Because the bodies of growing children and adolescents are still developing, their teeth, gums, jawbones, and muscles are more flexible. Braces can have a greater impact on development at this stage. As a result, these orthodontic treatments are especially recommended for teenagers.


As we grow older the surrounding bone of our oral cavity becomes harder and less prone to changes. Moreover, poor oral hygiene and other dental issues such as periodontal diseases can greatly affect your body’s ability to change as it might produce fewer bone-growing cells. Hence, you must take good care of your gums and your teeth if you want to avoid periodontal diseases and get the best results from your orthodontic treatments.

We hope this blog has provided you with the required information. Looking for the best orthodontic treatments in Plantation, FL? Get in touch with us at My Dentist For Life and enjoy our dental care services.