How To Fix Misaligned Or Crooked Teeth Problems?

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How To Fix Misaligned Or Crooked Teeth

By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

Teeth misalignment is a very common issue faced by a large number of Americans. Some individuals do not even think this is a problem and assume it to be a structure of their teeth. However, this is entirely untrue. 

Misalignment in the teeth is an actual condition that is also referred to as malocclusion of teeth. This usually occurs when your teeth do not align when the jaw is closed. Malocclusion can be caused due to overbite, underbite, or crooked teeth.

Know The Treatments Used To Correct Misaligned Teeth

Teeth misalignment, whether hereditary or caused due to some external factor, is not permanent. The advancements in dentistry have led to the emergence of numerous treatment methods that can be used to resolve the problem of misaligned teeth. 

Some common treatment options used for misaligned teeth have been mentioned in the section below.

1. Metal Braces

Metal braces are known to provide good outcomes for even severely misaligned teeth. They are one of the oldest orthodontic treatment options available. The treatment process involves using small metal brackets attached to the teeth with the help of adhesives. An orthodontic wire is used to tighten the brackets together to put pressure on the teeth. 

2. Invisalign

Invisalign is a brand that provides clear aligners. They can be defined as transparent trays custom-made to meet the specific needs of the patients. The Invisalign aligners are not permanently attached to the teeth and can be removed whenever necessary. They are particularly designed not to affect your smile’s appearance and offer numerous other benefits that are missing in most orthodontic treatment options. 

3. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can be an excellent choice for people who have a minor misalignment in a couple of their front teeth. They are chip-like materials that are attached to the frontier portion of the teeth by the dentist. If you choose to undergo porcelain veneer treatment, your dentist might scrape the misaligned portion of the teeth before attaching the veneers. 

4. Dental Implants

Dental implants are tooth replacement options that are specifically designed to feel, look and function like your natural teeth. If your misalignment problem is caused due to broken or crooked teeth, you can replace them with dental implants to achieve a perfectly aligned set of teeth. This treatment offers numerous advantages that cannot be enjoyed in the case of other tooth replacement choices. 

5. Ceramic Braces

The ceramic braces are just like the traditional metal braces. The only difference is that the ceramic braces use ceramic or clear braces instead of metal brackets, making them much less noticeable. Some dentists can also use tooth-colored wire to complete the treatment process. 

We hope you are now aware of the common treatment options used to treat misaligned teeth. Talk to your dentist if you are still determining which treatment suits your needs the best. 

What Are The Effects Of Misaligned Teeth?

People suffering from misaligned teeth often ignore this as they remain unsure about the seriousness of the problem. Going through the effects of misaligned teeth will help you know why addressing this issue as early as possible is a must.

  • Facing difficulty while cleaning teeth, which can ultimately lead to gum problems and cavity
  • Facing issues while chewing food items
  • Improper pressure while chewing the foods that can contribute to the chances of having a broken tooth
  • Ruin your overall facial appearance
  • Facing difficulty while speaking

If you have a problem with misaligned teeth, visit a dental office near you today. Book an appointment with My Dentist For Life if you are looking for the best orthodontic treatment in Plantation, FL. We are always here to assist you in achieving a flawless smile.