How A Beautiful Smile Can Impact Your Life

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Beautiful Smile

By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

A smile is one of the first things people notice about someone when they meet. People with nice smiles are viewed as more approachable, confident, and attractive. Here are ways that a beautiful smile can impact your life.

Gain Confidence 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “They’ve got a smile that lights up an entire room.” It’s not normally because of their smile itself, but the confidence they hold when they enter the room.

When you smile more, you are perceived as confident- which can help create new friendships, or even benefit you when it comes to your professional goals. You will feel and act in a more personable way to everyone around you and exude a positive attitude. The most popular and influential people in most situations are people who genuinely smile at others when they meet them and greet them.

Become More Attractive

When you smile more, you’re viewed as more attractive and sociable. Not only because other people view you as more attractive, but you will feel more attractive, and project it.

If you’re single, this can lead to attracting more potential partners. In fact, studies prove that smiling in your dating profile pictures will lead to more matches!

Studies also show that people perceive a smiling face to be younger than he or she actually is, while frowners look older. Who wouldn’t want to look younger forever?

Be Happier 

Smiling boosts your immune system because your whole body relaxes when you smile. Smiling actually releases endorphins that will make you feel happier, so if you’re in a bad mood but force yourself to smile, you can actually turn your mood around.

How To Get A Beautiful Smile

Investing in your smile is extremely important and will set you up for success. If you’re not sure the difference it could make, here at our office, we have a unique digital method that will allow us to design your perfect smile. It’s called DSD: Digital Smile Design, and the best part is you can test drive your smile beforehand!

We start off with a careful analysis of your facial and dental characteristics. We don’t only take into consideration your dental analysis, but also your personality, and physical attributes. We take note of the symmetry of your face so we can design a smile with the most symmetrical tooth positioning and coloring to fit your face.

We can design your perfect smile by taking pictures, videos, digital scans, and 3D images to get all angles of your smile so we can best stimulate what your outcome will be. It will serve as a great reminder of what your “before” smile looked like.

This is also how you get to try out your smile beforehand! You will see exactly what your final result will look like so you can approve the process and easily imagine your life with your brand new, beautiful smile.

After the design is completed and approved, it’s then transformed into a personalized treatment plan that will help with the structure and function of your teeth to achieve long-lasting results.

Having a beautiful smile can truly impact your life by boosting your confidence, making you happier, and even more attractive. After all, smiling is the universal sign of happiness, so you should be wearing yours every day! We would be happy to help you begin your transformation.