How Painful Is All-on-4-implants?

BLOG - Plantation, FL

By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

Dental implants have come a long way with time. It is now considered the most popular teeth replacement option and can be afforded by almost everyone. But, people often nurture the misconception of all-on-4-implants being a very painful option to choose. Do you have a similar thought in mind? If yes then going through this blog can be of great help and also provided you with a different perspective.

If you have multiple missing teeth, going for all-on-4-implant is a perfect option. You just need to fulfill a few criteria. We have listed them in the pointers below:

  • You need to have a healthy jawbone
  • You need to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine
  • You must avoid smoking
  • You should have healthy gums

Getting all-on-4-implants is not painful at all if performed under the observation of a trained dental professional. The process takes not more than 2 hours to get executed.

Is the recovery process very difficult?

You need to know that recovering from the all-on-4-implants process is not difficult and might feel hassle-free if done correctly. But, adopting a few measures can make the treatment a grand success.

Maintain your oral hygiene:

Try to reduce contact with your sensitive gums after flossing or brushing. This will help to prevent disruption of surgical stitches and in turn, reduce the chances of suffering from tremendous pain. It is advisable to rinse the wounded areas with salt water to keep them clean.

Do go for follow-up visits:

It is important to go for dental visits after the treatment. This provides your dentist with an opportunity to access the recovery rate and implant’s progress from the surgery. There are times when patients go through a little discomfort due to the jawbone may shift during its fusion with the implants. Though this cannot cause pain but needs to be resolved as early as possible. Meeting a dentist will help do so.

Final Words

You might have now figured out that going for all-on-4-implants is not going to be painful for you. Stay assured that you might have to just face minimal discomfort. So there is nothing to worry about! Stop suffering from the problem of missing teeth and contact a dental clinic near you. You can get in touch with My Dentist for Life if you are looking for dental implant treatment in Plantation, FL. Our professionals are here to provide you with the best possible service.