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Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy In Plantation, FL

Periodontal disease is a rapidly growing concern for oral health. Over 80% of adults in the Plantation, FL have some level of periodontal disease. It is crucial to find alternative and effective methods to treat bacterial growth and infection in the mouth and gums, especially considering the increasing understanding of the connections between periodontal disease and serious conditions like heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and stroke. Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) therapy is the next level of care for periodontal disease. LBR offers a gentler yet effective approach to reducing bacterial infections and treating periodontal disease, and it is becoming a standard procedure in this field.

What is Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy?

Laser Bacterial Reduction therapy is a gentle approach to eliminating bacteria in the mouth. It is performed as part of a regular cleaning appointment and involves the use of a non-cutting dental laser. By targeting the teeth and gum line with high-intensity light, this treatment effectively eradicates harmful bacteria that are challenging to treat.

What advantages does LBR Offer?

LBR is beneficial for almost all patients, including those with healthy mouths. Even during normal cleanings, some bleeding and irritation may occur, but incorporating LBR into regular dental visits can help protect against potential infections. LBR works well alongside plaque scaling and planning, as it effectively removes plaque and improves the effectiveness and longevity of periodontal disease treatments. In the long run, using LBR during dental cleanings and as a supplement to other periodontal disease treatments can enhance overall oral health and boost the immune system.

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