5 Reasons To Choose All-On-4-Implants

BLOG - Plantation, FL

By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

If you have worn dentures for a long time, you are well aware of the difficulties that might come with this kind of prosthesis. Dentures supported by implants can prevent shifting and movement while restoring appearance and chewing ability. Implants work like natural teeth and their roots once they have been inserted and integrated into the jawbone. Thankfully, there are many implant-supported choices available nowadays. All-On-4 dental implants can give a fixed full-arch prosthesis supported by just four implants for people with limited bone availability, maximizing existing bone for predictable results.

In this blog, we will discuss the significant benefits of choosing All-On-4 dental implants over the other options.

Restores Your Ability To Eat

Individuals with traditional dentures must restrict their diet to items that won’t damage the dentures. The soft palate of the mouth is sometimes covered by removable dentures, which might impair one’s ability to taste and appreciate food. On the other hand, people can consume the food items they like by going for the All-On-4 procedure. The dental prosthetics are kept firmly in place by the implants, which stop them from slipping or becoming loose.

Increases Your Self Esteem

A person’s confidence may decline if they fear their dentures will slip out of position. Traditional dentures require maintenance as the mouth continues to change. So, patients may feel self-conscious about how they look or feel in front of friends and family and conceal their smiles. Dental implants placed all-on-four won’t move around. Patients can rest assured that their All-on-4 dentures won’t hinder their ability to speak, laugh, or smile.

Matches Your Smile

The prosthesis, or visible portion of the All-On-4 dentures, will have a natural-looking shape and color. The option to personalize All-On-4 treatments to your preferences is what gives them their aesthetic appeal. Additionally, implant-supported dentures preserve facial structure by preventing bone resorption, which frequently results in many missing teeth and an aged appearance.

Not Difficult To Maintain

You should wash your All-On-4 dentures twice a day as usual, and you should use a Waterpik or other similar tool to clean under the prosthesis. To remove plaque accumulation that cannot be removed by regular brushing, all-on-four dentures must be cleaned twice a year, much like natural teeth.

Same-Day Placement

In most implant treatments, the dental professional will insert the implants into the jawbone and wait a few months for them to recover before attaching the restoration. Osseointegration, a process that takes place during this time, will cause the bone tissue to bind to the implants. The fact that eligible patients can have their prosthesis affixed to the implants the same day they are placed is one of the All-On-4 procedure’s most important advantages. By doing so, several procedures will be avoided, and patients will have their treatment finished sooner.

We hope that you now know why choosing All-on-4 dental implants can be a perfect choice. Book an appointment with My Dentist For Life if you have any further questions about this topic. We offer top-quality All-On-4 implants in Plantation, FL. Schedule your visit today!