Dental Onlays in Plantation FL

Dental Onlays

When we consider the options to preserve even a single broken tooth, we use a conservative philosophy in our approach. Fortunately, modern dental materials open doors to rebuild teeth to full strength less invasively than ever before.

Sometimes teeth undergo significant damage due to cavities, heavy bite forces, trauma, or even normal functioning. Many situations can leave teeth in danger of loss if treatment is bypassed. While teeth may need to be fully “capped” with a dental crown, some smaller fractures can be perfectly formed back to health with an onlay. A crown requires a little more tooth preparation while onlays allow the unbroken portions of a tooth to be left uncut. A custom piece of porcelain, like a partial crown, is bonded to the damaged area.

Onlays blend seamlessly with the natural enamel and enhance both function and appearance. When the most conservative option fits your treatment plan, Dr. Rizvi may suggest an onlay for ultimate restoration.

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​Damaged tooth with small fractures? Get rid of them with onlays in just one visit. Call Dr. Rizvi, your cosmetic dentist in Plantation, FL and know the options that suits your needs.​

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