Should I Treat The Cavity Or Extract The Wisdom Tooth?

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By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

People probably had a cavity or two in their lifetime. Even though they are preventable, cavities are yet pretty common. You can get attacked by cavities on any portion of your tooth and any of your teeth — including your wisdom teeth (if you have them). It’s a fact that wisdom teeth are more likely to get cavities than other teeth since they are placed in the back of the mouth, which in turn makes them quite difficult to brush or floss. Wisdom teeth may develop in a crooked way, appear just partially, or may be unable to pierce the gum line at all. All of these cases make up the apt conditions for excessive plaque, tartar, and ultimately tooth decay.

What should you do if you have a wisdom tooth cavity?

When you get a wisdom tooth cavity, your dentist will generally refer you to a specialist (oral surgeon) for the wisdom tooth extraction that seems to be deeply impacted. If it isn’t the case, your dentist may still prescribe an extraction, based on the condition and position of the tooth. Getting your wisdom teeth extracted will not only remove the cavity and tooth decay, but will also help to preserve your other teeth, your jaw, and also your overall health.

However, if your wisdom teeth have entirely erupted in your mouth and aren’t stuck at all in the gums, there’s a possibility that your dentist may be able to apply a filling and restore the tooth just like any other teeth. This is the very reason why it’s crucial to visit your dentist for regular checkups so that they can check the health of all your teeth and identify any cavities.

When must a wisdom tooth with a cavity be considered for removal?

Situations include:

  • There is an intense level of decay and the prognosis for the tooth is really poor.
  • Repair may not be possible (the dentist’s access to the tooth and/or cavity is very limited).
  • The wisdom tooth has experienced several episodes of decay before.
  • The patient is unable to properly clean the wisdom tooth.
  • The patient opts for a wisdom tooth extraction.

When can it be repaired by placing a dental filling?

Situations are where the dentist-

  • Finds that the amount of decay is very small
  • Has proper access to the tooth
  • Understands that the health and outlook for the tooth after the repair may seem reasonable
  • Anticipates that the tooth can be well maintained by the patient in avoiding further decay
  • The patient opts for dental filling placement

Bottom Line

So, what is the best course of action if you get a wisdom tooth cavity? Well, it actually depends on your personal condition. You can get in touch with My Dentist for Life if you want to receive the best tooth extractions in Plantation, FL. If you get a wisdom tooth cavity, rest assured that our dentist in Plantation will help you find the perfect solution to keep your mouth healthy in that scenario, as well. Book an appointment with us today.