Want To Know How To Get A Charming Face Without Surgery?

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By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

Have you ever come across the term Golden Ratio? The ancient Greeks have brought to light that divine proportion and it is usually attributed as the reason behind why an individual is considered attractive. Essentially, having the appropriate facial proportions are why celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt, or James Dean get majority people’s votes on being exceptionally dang good lookin’.

It’s not all surprising that the hunt for exceptional beauty has been a part of human culture for quite long. But it wasn’t until somewhat lately that cosmetic practices became safe and affordable enough for more people.

In today’s era you can’t open a magazine, watch a movie or TV series, or even scroll through social media without seeing “perfect faces” everywhere. All thanks to makeup, filters, and also progress in cosmetic practices; it appears like everybody is chasing ways to look best.

But there’s a tiny secret we’re going to let you in on; your facial proportions can be improved without surgery and injections.

Getting an attractive face without surgery and injectable fillers

Each of the element that unite together to make a face appear more charming (like fuller lips, nice jawlines, hump less noses, and even fabulous cheekbones) all have to do with facial development.  All though it’s apt to ensure that the facial structure is properly developing when young, adults can still improve their unbalanced facial proportions to get a more charming face.

It’s all because your facial profile and underlying facial structure is directly linked to your bite and your jaw development. Actually, having a bad bite can develop wrinkles and you seem older and in other cases, can result in facial collapse! But no more worries, our My Dentist for Life team has the best training to get you where you would’ve been if it weren’t for the things that got in the way of your appropriate development when you were younger.

Fortunately, we can overcome that and get the appropriate facial development which thereby balances your facial proportions. You can expect to experience enhanced:

  • Cheekbones
  • Defined jaws
  • Non-receding chins
  • Less of a nose hump
  • Fuller lips

What’s more? Well, we use combined treatments such as myofunctional therapy and growth equipment to treat several issues straight away. As we’re capable to treat the airway, teeth and jaws at one time, issues such as continuous headaches, ringing ears, vertigo, sleep apnea, and TMJ disorder can be rectified — which implies that not only will you receive cosmetic advantages but functionality benefits too.

How growth appliances work

As we believe in conservative, minimally-invasive techniques, we understand you when you say you wish to avoid surgery if at all possible. And you can achieve just that only with a growth appliance.

They appear just like retainers. Few of them are removable appliances (which means that you’d take them out whenever you eat), and others are fixed appliances (which means it’s attached to your teeth in the similar method a permanent retainer is) but when you finish off the treatment it’s taken out.

Few equipment functions a little quicker than others and few functions best when merged with other treatments, but besides those differences, their purpose is similar.

Growth appliances follow the principles of epigenetic orthodontics which makes use of your natural genes to improve the growth of your jaw and enhance your airway.

The appliance actually helps the upper palate to broaden and increase the size of the nasal cavity which then enables the lower jaw to be relocated in a more forward position. This expansion will even pull the tongue and soft tissue away from the airway, which implies improved breathing!

When you emphasize on expanding the airway, it produces a domino effect of optimal jaw positions, straight teeth, and aesthetically pleasing facial structure. If jaw repositioning is done appropriately (that’s why having a dentist who is trained is essential), it actually is a safe alternative to surgery by building a healthy balance in the oral maxillofacial sites (aka mouth, face and jaw).

Types of Growth Appliances and Benefits

There are some different kinds of growth appliances available and we provide many at our dental office in Plantation, FL. The advantage of having several options available to you denotes that treatment can be tailor-made to better fit your individual requirements and lifestyle.

The Daytime-Nighttime Appliance®

Daytime-Nighttime Appliance® (DNA Appliance) looks similar to a removable retainer. It’s a patented design that is worn in the evening and at night when you’re sleeping.

As it’s removable it may take longer time to finish off the treatment, especially if you aren’t strict about wearing it.

Over time, as you regularly wear your DNA appliance, the bones in the craniofacial section are reshaped. In other words, the device gradually makes room for crowded teeth that affect the other parts of the face, including the lower jawline, cheekbones, nose and eyes.

This repositioning can also aid you sleep better, life-long! The appliance opens the airways, and by correcting an overbite or a shortage of tongue space, it can surely correct the symptoms of sleep apnea so you can sleep like a baby again permanently. This type of TMJ, orthopedic and orthodontic treatment eases the obstructed airway by improving underdeveloped jaws, or jaws that are too far back with narrow dental arches.

By enhancing correct growth, your teeth can be aligned and your bite can be corrected, much like with braces, but only without the braces!

This remodeling with the help of this appliance creates a foundational correction to the structure of your airway. It is a pain-free, minimally invasive method without the use of drugs, medication, or injections.


AGGA stands for anterior growth guidance appliance. You may even find FAGGA, where the ‘F’ stands for fixed. Or RAGGA, where the ‘R’ stands for removable and is usually used while treating children!

It’s closely similar to wearing a retainer after leaving your braces.

This oral appliance is quite similar to the DNA Appliance, which triggers natural arch growth. Again, the expansion of your airway produces the domino effect of getting your teeth, bones, tissue, and joints into the appropriate position which leads to the improved jaw and facial profiles.

So if you’ve been considering receiving a chin implant or receiving jaw surgery for a weak, small or receding chin, our AGGA Appliance can totally fix your problems fast and without resorting to invasive measures.

Oh, and get this, jaw repositioning can enhance your posture as well! It’s because it can properly align the top two vertebrae in your spine.

The Perks You Can Enjoy From Growth Guidance Therapy

We’ve previously mentioned many benefits but we simply wished to lay them all out. Every individual who approaches us may have something little different that they’re experiencing, but growth guidance therapy is truly an all-inclusive treatment method.

Rather than opting for facelift surgery, drugs, medication, or filler injections to better your looks, you can receive the facial profile you desire in the least invasive way possible. The magical perks you can look forward to include:

  • A fuller smile
  • Alleviated pain (triggered headaches, dizziness, pressure, jaw pain, neck pain, etc.)
  • Enhanced facial look (cheekbones, defined jaws, non-receding chins, less of a nose hump, and fuller lips)
  • Improved posture
  • Better breathing and energy levels
  • Corrected bite issues or malocclusion
  • Permanently better sleep (even if you have sleep apnea)

Who knew a dental appliance could do all of these!


To address your concerns, the apt thing you could do is prepare an evaluation with our experienced and skillful dentist, Dr. Saba Rizvi. Using computerized scans to take digital X-Rays, Dr. Rizvi will pinpoint exactly where your jaw muscles, airway structure, joints, and teeth presently sit. At this visit, the two of you will discuss your goals and issues. With all this information, she can then draft a customized plan just for you to align your facial elements harmoniously.

Dr. Saba Rizvi is a skillful dentist in the Plantation, FL area rendering growth appliance treatment because of her commitment to providing her patients the quality of care they require. If you’re all set for enhanced changes to your facial aesthetic and overall health and well-being, we welcome you to book an appointment with our dental practice in Plantation, FL. Our dentist, Dr. Rizvi, along with our dedicated team, specializes in physiological dentistry treatment to give you permanent results without opting for surgery. Learn more by calling us at My Dentist for Life.