We’re OPEN! Your Dental Team At My Dentist For Life Is Here For You!

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By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

We are open and providing full-service dental care – preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and emergencies.

It’s been a long, challenging few weeks for our team at My Dentist For Life and for me, your dentist in Plantation. It was hard not seeing valued patients like you, our colleagues, and our families. Virtual parties are great, but they’re no replacement for the real thing!

Fortunately, with your help and the rest of the community, we’re made great progress in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. And that means, we’ve opened our doors to welcome you back into our office for all your regular oral health care needs! And yes… We’re excited!

Booking now! Call now! We want to see your smile!

 Because of what you’ve seen in the news or read on social media, as things open up, you still may be fearful about going back out into the world. You may also be second-guessing dental appointments too. I want to reassure you and encourage you. And here are a few reasons why…

Dental offices remain one of the safest and most sterile environments around. We always follow strict sterilization protocols (always have – before, during, and after the pandemic), and we take all precautions to protect you. We screen everyone for symptoms of illness and will reschedule appointments if anyone poses a risk. Our team thoroughly cleans all surfaces, rooms, and equipment regularly – on a specific timed schedule. Plus, everyone is equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE). Your health and safety are our top priority.

Maintaining good oral health is imperative to your overall health. While you can do a great job of taking care of your smile by brushing and flossing, only a professional cleaning by your hygienist will remove tartar buildup above and below the gum-line, lessening the risk of gum disease. We know – and studies prove it – that there is a clear connection between mouth and body health. Regular professional cleanings are critical as gum disease is linked to some cancers, heart & stroke disease, osteoporosis, respiratory illnesses, pre-term births, Alzheimer’s, and more…

Think of me, your dentist in Plantation, as a dental detective; there are certain things only a dentist can detect and treat, like tooth decay, broken teeth, infection, and more.

Your dental team is also your first line of defense when it comes to oral cancer. You may not realize it, but every time you are here for your recall appointment, we complete an oral cancer screening. When it\’s detected early on, the outcome is greatly improved.

We want to see you… And we mean YOU! And I hope you smile at this… It’s been a while and we could really use a cheerful interaction with you.

If you had a scheduled appointment that was cancelled due to COVID-19, hopefully we’ve reached you already to reschedule. If we haven’t connected yet, would you do us a favor and call our office at (954) 787-1695? Or if it’s been a while and you haven’t been in for care, please give us a call and we’ll set an appointment at your convenience.

If you experience a dental emergency at any time, please call us right away. We will fit you in quickly to relive your pain and treat your injury. A dental emergency could include ongoing bleeding in the mouth, impact trauma (knocked-out or loose tooth/teeth), a tooth fracture, severe tooth pain, and infection. Not sure? Call us! We want to help!

Follow us on social media and watch our website for further updates! We look forward – especially now that our doors are open again – to helping you achieve your most healthy smile!

Yours in excellent dental health,

Dr. Saba Rizvi, your dentist in Plantation FL