When Can I Eat Hard Food After Tooth Extraction

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eating food after tooth extraction

By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

Extraction of teeth can be needed for numerous reasons such as overcrowding, tooth decay, impacted wisdom teeth, etc. The process involves the complete removal of a tooth from the socket which in turn leaves a gap behind. Adopting a few measures is necessary if you want to avoid any sort of complications after the extraction. 

Most people remain confused about when they can eat normal food after going for teeth extraction. Do you have a similar question in mind? Well, if yes then going through this blog can give you a definite answer to this question. 

You can start eating liquid food items for the first few hours after the extraction. These food items can include cereals, yogurt, pudding, ice cream, soup, etc. It is advisable to avoid using a straw at any cost. Are you wondering why? Using a straw can create a suction that ultimately dislodges the clot formed over the wound. This delays the healing process and can be the reason for pain or discomfort. You can start eating soft food from the second day. But, make sure that these food items don’t require a lot of chewing to be done. Dentists advise you to go back to your normal diet after a span of two weeks. Always remember that this is only permissible in case you do not have any complications related to the extraction. 

Foods to Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You should avoid the consumption of hard food items for the first few days after the extraction. It is recommended that you also stay away from food items that can get trapped in the sockets created after extraction. Spicy food can also be bad for the situation. Last but not least, smoking and drinking alcohol is a strict “No” until your dentist allows them.

We hope that you have now understood when to eat hard food after tooth extraction. Contact My Dentist for Life if you are looking for the best tooth extraction treatment in Plantation, FL. An in-person consultation with our dentist will help you draw an end to any further queries related to the extraction. Why wait anymore? Book an appointment today.