Know The Most Effective Aftercare Tips For Implant-supported Dentures

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Aftercare tips for implant-supported dentures

By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

Implant-supported dentures have become one of the most liked tooth replacement options. They are a hybrid technique that combines dentures and dental implants to create a strong and durable set of artificial teeth. When considering the various tooth replacement options available, it can be good to learn more about what to anticipate following an implant-supported denture procedure. Aftercare is simple and easy to understand most of the time, but general dentists have a few particular recommendations that should be followed for optimum outcomes. The best dentist in Plantation has come up with the most effective aftercare tips for implant-supported dentures. 

You Need a Lot of Rest

Implant-supported treatment requires oral surgery for the completion of the procedure. The anesthetic has an adverse effect on the entire body when surgery is performed, necessitating a short absence from work or school. It’s also crucial to avoid physically demanding activities that could exhaust or stress the body. This is why general dentists often suggest getting plenty of rest so that wounds can heal properly.

You Need to Maintain a Proper Oral Hygiene Routine

It is crucial to maintain appropriate oral hygiene following the placement of implant-supported dentures. The entire mouth will be particularly vulnerable to bacterial buildup during the healing period, which could permanently harm the implant sites. General dentists advise rinsing the mouth with salt water a few times daily to keep it clean.

Try to Avoid Regular Eating Habits

Avoiding regular eating habits is another crucial piece of advice from a general dentist. Healing time is required for them once the dental implants are inserted. Dietary changes are necessary during the healing process to prevent infection or harm to the implant sites. General dentists advise consuming soft food items or even a more liquid diet, which includes soups, smoothies, and other soft foods like mashed potatoes or apple sauce.

Apply Ice and Cold Compresses

Since implant-supported dentures involve oral surgery, it is also normal to expect some discomfort and inflammation following the treatment. Ice packs or cold compresses can be used to treat both these issues. 

Adopting these measures will definitely help you experience the best treatment result. If you are suffering from problems related to one or multiple missing teeth and are looking for the top-quality implant-supported dentures service in Plantation, FL, book an appointment with My Dentist For Life. We are fortunate to have the best Plantation dentist who is both adept and experienced at handcrafting treatment plans that suit your needs the best. Give us a call today!