How a Dentist Whitens Teeth

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By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

If you have researched teeth whitening, by now, you’d know that professional teeth whitening at the dentist’s office is much quicker and more effective as compared to the whitening kits that you buy over the counter. Have you wondered how this difference is achieved? It’s the same science that goes behind every whitening procedure- a peroxide bleaching agent that removes stains from within the teeth.

So what does a dentist do that makes his procedure stand out from the products that you buy from the store? To answer that, here are the steps involved in professional teeth whitening:

1. The pre-whitening step

When you sit on the chair for a professional teeth whitening procedure, the first thing that a dentist would do is to record the shade of your natural teeth and he would further ask you the shade that you desire. Based on this data, the dentist gets an idea about how to go about with the whitening procedure and also about the concentration of the whitening solution.

2. The whitening process

The whitening process starts with drying your mouth. Retractors will be used to keep your tongue and cheeks away from your teeth. This is because the whitening solution best works on a dry surface.

The dentist would prepare the whitening solution and would coat it onto your teeth. Note that only the frontal surface of your teeth will be coated since the posterior surface isn’t visible anyway.

3. The waiting period

There’s a certain amount of time that you would have to spend at the dentist’s chair once your teeth have been coated. This is for the purpose of allowing the solution enough time to penetrate through the pores in your teeth and fight off the stains from within. During this time, the dentist would turn on the TV or provide you with something to stay engaged.

4. Rinsing

After the dentist believes that the solution has had enough time on your teeth, the last step involves rinsing your mouth. Your mouth will be thoroughly rinsed to get rid of the residual solution from inside your mouth. Some dentists even prefer providing a fluoride treatment after whitening, to strengthen the enamel.

Sensitivity right after whitening is very common and is nothing to worry about. Overall, these are the 4 steps that are involved in professional teeth whitening. Are you considering getting professional teeth whitening for yourself? Get the best dentist for teeth whitening near you in Plantation FL.