Step-By-Step Tooth Extraction Procedure

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By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

Tooth extraction is not as painful as you think it is. Since you’d be sedated, the only pain you’d experience is after the surgical procedure. If you’re scheduled to undergo a tooth extraction, gather your courage and do read through the steps involved in tooth extraction.

This is because firstly, you wouldn’t feel any pain at all and secondly, knowing what you’d be going through would better prep you up for the procedure mentally. So without further ado, the following are the steps involved in a tooth extraction procedure:

  • The dentist would first anesthetize you with either local or general anesthesia. If you have too much dental anxiety, you’re likely to undergo general anesthesia. However, it still depends on your medical condition.
  • The tooth will be then loosened from the gum tissues to facilitate the extraction. It will be done with the help of a blade-like object, called a periotome.
  • The gum tissues around the tooth will be further widened to loosen the tooth even more. An elevator may also be used for the same purpose. The purpose behind loosening your tooth as much as possible is to ensure that the tooth extraction is smooth and does not uproot or injure surrounding gum tissues.
  • For the extraction part, a pair of objects that look like forceps will be used. They will grab on to your teeth before the dentist starts to stroke it back and forth to disconnect the root from the surrounding tissues.
  • A clot forms in the socket of the extracted tooth. The dentist will place a gauze pad above it and ask you to bite gently on it. If you bite too hard and break the clot loose, you would experience some intolerable pain.

If a tooth is too hard to extract, the dentist would choose to extract the tooth piece by piece. Either way, you wouldn’t feel any pain during the extraction procedure.

However, if a tooth that has to be extracted isn’t visible enough from the surface of the gums, an incision will be done to extract it. As per News Medical,

If the tooth is not or only partially visible, a surgical dental extraction may be performed. In this procedure, an incision will be made to expose the tooth with a surgical flap. The tooth may also need to be sectioned into pieces to prevent trauma to the surrounding nerves and tissues as they are removed. The pieces can be loosened from the socket with an elevator, similar to the simple procedure. The fragments can then be removed one at a time in a specific sequence, with the curved roots being removed at the end.

After the extraction, make sure that you follow all the instructions laid by your dentist as a part of the aftercare. Avoid food items that are hard to chew for the first few weeks and brush and floss very gently near the surgical area. If you need a tooth extraction and you reside in Plantation FL, then contact us to book an appointment with the best tooth extraction dentist in Plantation.