How Long Does It Take For A Loose Tooth To Tighten Back Up?

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Loose Tooth

By My Dentist For Life Of Plantation

It’s totally normal for a kid’s first set of teeth to become loose. But if you’re an adult, a loose tooth appears more like a nightmare that comes true. Loose teeth in adults can occur from a facial injury, poor oral health, severe gum disease, teeth grinding, or even pregnancy. There’s a probability that a loose tooth will tighten back up, but the treatment actually depends on the cause. It’s best to instantly contact your dentist if you’re an adult with a loose tooth because it needs immediate attention.

What does a loose tooth feel like?

Loose teeth actually lose structural support and are on the verge of detaching from the bone and gum. You may find that a tooth feels “off” and also wiggly while you floss, brush, or eat. Apart from the looseness, you may even notice swollen gums, bloody gums, and gum recession.

How to fix a loose tooth and how long does it take to tighten back up?

Can a loose tooth be saved? Yes, definitely! But it depends on the cause the tooth is loose.

If a tooth is loose due to gum disease:

it may tighten back up with proper and consistent dental hygiene. Gum disease is one of the most usual causes of the tooth becoming loose and the ultimate loss of teeth. There may be a little chance to restore your tooth and your gum health. A deep cleaning also known as Scaling & Root Planning performed by your dentist or hygienist is usually the best treatment option.

If a tooth is loose due to an injury:

 it probably won’t tighten back up. Sports injuries, falls, and car accidents are very common causes of injuries to the face and jaw. Based on the type and severity of damage to the tooth, your dentist may take it out and then replace it with a dental bridge or an implant. But if the tooth is just a bit loose, it may be left on its own to tighten back up. In maximum cases, they can be healed and tightened back within a couple of weeks.

If a tooth is loose during the phase of pregnancy:

 it will certainly tighten up after the pregnancy phase is over. But it’s a better idea to see your dentist if you find a tooth is wiggly during your pregnancy period in order to confirm the reason behind it.

If a tooth is loose because of osteoporosis:

you have got a couple of treatment options. Regenerative bone and gum grafting can help to redevelop the bone and tissue around the teeth. Once rebuilt, dental implants can be inserted to restore and strengthen your smile. Composite bonding is a good option for reshaping the teeth in order to cover gaps.

Loose Tooth Treatments

  • Antiseptic and Antibacterial Mouthwash
  • Scaling and Root Planing
  • Surgery
  • Flap Surgery
  • Bone Grafts
  • Soft Tissue Grafts
  • Splinting

Bottom Line

If you’re an adult, a loose tooth may be the first signal of a more important problem that requires to be addressed. You will require committing to practicing good oral hygiene habits in order to have a perfect set of teeth and a healthy mouth. 

You can get in touch with My Dentist for Life if you have a loose tooth and get it checked today. Our dentist in Plantation, FL will suggest the most suitable dental treatment depending on your requirements and preferences. Most treatments are less invasive and serve as a treatment to stop further progress of teeth loosening. We’re just a call away.